A'mari "DJ Mona-Lisa"

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Vacation EP - Digital & Physical Attributes

Critics refer to "Vacation" album as eccentric, sensational and relaxing music. "Vacation singles truly unwinds, rejuvenates and resuscitates. Simply stated, it is heavenly bliss beyond melancholy- music that delights the soul"

A'mari's latest EP entitled, "Vacation" is a real unique blend of lovers rock-reggae music blended with a soft touch of R&B. Music lovers describe it as authentic, pulsating and enticing. The EP is based on true life experiences. The artist spends time in Jamaica and feels overwhelm by the demands of relatives and friends; she escapes into the realms of music and creates "Set My Heart Free" single. While in the studio A'mari feels secure-she bonds with musicians and creates "Vacation" single. While spending memorable time in Ocho Rios, A'mari records "Magic Touch" and "Touch". However,the honeymoon is short-lived; A'mari further surrenders her soul to worldwide fans in final rendition entitles, "Reach".