A'mari "DJ Mona-Lisa"


Needing You - Digital

Laid-back romantic single which rejuvenates the mind and caresses the soul. "Needing You" written and performed by A'mari "DJ Mona-Lisa" was recorded at age 15. The song was written when the artist found herself pregnant at age 14. After running away from home to stay with friends, she missed the love of her life and imaged him getting marry to her someday; she pleas for him not to go away. A'mari gave birth to a son and got marry couple years after. The couple later divorced after 14 years. Recently, A'mari came across her song while surfing the web and now shares it with her worldwide fans. 



Sex & Fame - Album: Physical & Digital Attributes

Did you know that A'mari has a reality show also entitled, "Sex & Fame"? A'mari's album also entitled, "Sex & Fame" first features "Taboo Intro"; it's an intimate moment with fans. A'mari speaks about her heartbreak after realizing her boyfriend was married and kept it a secret. She then returns to New York and decides to become a "Good Girls Gone Bad". During this period she wrote "Destiny" for someone she met while the relationship was in turmoil...okay the same guy she wrote "Set My Heart Free" about and the one in "Touch" video. Okay you got it. Well "Sex You" was written before then but just fits well in the album. The lyrics of the song definitely says it all. "The Epistles", a sultry serenading song was also written before; it is a song dedicated to A'mari fans-she wrote it personally for them. "I Like", "Juicy Ain't It", "Touch" and "Reach" are top hits but we had to add "Needing You" as just before the album was completed, A'mari came across the hit single that she released in her teens. A'mari wanted us to share it with you. Enjoy as she works on "Manifesto", her new upcoming album.


Million Bucks - Digital

"Hip-Hop artist on dancehall beat."

Do you know "Taboo"? It's the first single on A'mari's "Sex & Fame" album. Okay...A'mari felt betrayed as mentioned in the song; she was totally heart broken. She then wrote "Hush" and "Million Bucks". According to A'mari, there wasn't anything in this world that could console her so she spent all her time in the studio and also recorded "Superstar" and "Jungle Fever". The choruses or hooks for both singles were written in her early teens when she would take a broom stick and acted as if she was on stage. 



Reggae/Dancehall Combinations - Digital Attributes

 While in studio recording her hit single, Reach...A'mari meets LA Lewis who falls in love with the song. Rumor has it that LA Lewis and A'mari are a power couple but A'mari denies having a relationship with the Jamaican artist who openly displays his affection for the sensational artist. Recently a video went viral of A'mari and LA in bed but A'mari quickly clears the air by stating that they were in bed during the video shoot and that's about it.


Vacation EP - Digital & Physical Attributes

Critics refer to "Vacation" album as eccentric, sensational and relaxing music. "Vacation singles truly unwinds, rejuvenates and resuscitates. Simply stated, it is heavenly bliss beyond melancholy- music that delights the soul"

A'mari's latest EP entitled, "Vacation" is a real unique blend of lovers rock-reggae music blended with a soft touch of R&B. Music lovers describe it as authentic, pulsating and enticing. The EP is based on true life experiences. The artist spends time in Jamaica and feels overwhelm by the demands of relatives and friends; she escapes into the realms of music and creates "Set My Heart Free" single. While in the studio A'mari feels secure-she bonds with musicians and creates "Vacation" single. While spending memorable time in Ocho Rios, A'mari records "Magic Touch" and "Touch". However,the honeymoon is short-lived; A'mari further surrenders her soul to worldwide fans in final rendition entitles, "Reach".