A'mari "DJ Mona-Lisa"


Sex & Fame - Album: Physical & Digital Attributes

Did you know that A'mari has a reality show also entitled, "Sex & Fame"? A'mari's album also entitled, "Sex & Fame" first features "Taboo Intro"; it's an intimate moment with fans. A'mari speaks about her heartbreak after realizing her boyfriend was married and kept it a secret. She then returns to New York and decides to become a "Good Girls Gone Bad". During this period she wrote "Destiny" for someone she met while the relationship was in turmoil...okay the same guy she wrote "Set My Heart Free" about and the one in "Touch" video. Okay you got it. Well "Sex You" was written before then but just fits well in the album. The lyrics of the song definitely says it all. "The Epistles", a sultry serenading song was also written before; it is a song dedicated to A'mari fans-she wrote it personally for them. "I Like", "Juicy Ain't It", "Touch" and "Reach" are top hits but we had to add "Needing You" as just before the album was completed, A'mari came across the hit single that she released in her teens. A'mari wanted us to share it with you. Enjoy as she works on "Manifesto", her new upcoming album.